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Oct 7-8

Friday, October 7


Registration & Nossa Familia coffee station open


Welcome announcements


Your Life Will Never Be The Same

As you walk further down the path of social justice, your life is changed in unexpected and irreversible ways. Let’s discuss the good and bad, the challenges and the joys that come with a life dedicated to justice, and how we can walk down this path stronger and better together.

Ijeoma Oluo, The Establishment


Healing Heathcare and Healing Yourself

The healthcare system in the United States is not only massive, it's massively broken. What drove Deep into designing for healthcare and why was it so personally important to him? We'll talk about the realities of working in the healthcare industry, peel back layers of today's system with design fundamentals, and discuss how incremental improvements are necessary for a battleship to change course.

Deep Shah, independent


20-min break


Fighting Internet Censorship with Multicultural Design

Many of us don’t consider just how fortunate we are to have unrestricted access to the internet; we browse information freely without fear of imprisonment. Unfortunately, this is not true in countries like China, Iran, and Russia. During this session, we will explore a case study on the user experience and design of, a website aimed at providing anti-censorship tools to countries outside the United States. We will discuss how to create a positive user experience for visitors from a wide array of foreign cultures with an in-depth dive into designing mirrored interfaces, using foreign languages, selecting color palettes and telling a story.

Jessica Tate, ThinkShout


Lunch break


Attendee Spotlight

We’re going to shake off the lunch lethargy by inviting you to take the floor and share a story about your experiences with social change. You’ll get five minutes to speak and we’ll take signups via Twitter on the day of (first come first serve).


#Spawn4Good: A Lesson in Activist Gaming

In 2013, Kahlief created a podcast called Spawn on Me to feature marginalized groups within the gaming sphere and provide a dedicated space to talk about their hobby. Through the years, the conversations became an intersection of video games and media. This is the story of how Kahlief accidentally turned a personal hobby into a career and got to use gaming as a foundation for doing social good.

Kahlief Adams, Spawn on Me


Non-Binary Genders: A Queer and Practical Revolution

We have seen many transgender people in the news this past year, but we've heard very little about non-binary identities (people who don't identify as either male or female). What can we as designers and innovators do to demonstrate our acceptance and make our workspaces and projects more inclusive? Alfie, a genderqueer game developer and activist, will share their (good and bad) experiences from the workplace and provide practical advice and resources so you can start being more gender-inclusive today!

Alfie Padilla, Pixel Arts


20-min break


Towards an Ethics of Care for Technology

In this talk, Amelia will introduce "the ethics of care," a feminist framework which shifts our perspective from the universal ("what is just?") to the contextual ("how to respond?"). Care ethics have been the topic of feminist scholarship, but have also seen application in medical and nursing care and biomedical research. We'll examine contemporary technological issues in privacy, security, data collection and surveillance and explore ways in which we can apply care ethics in designing, building and maintaining technologies.

Amelia Abreu, Abreu Consulting


Six Years of #NOKXL Design

This is the story of a multi-year, multi-channel campaign to stop the dangerous route of TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline. We'll focus on the design work that manifested into numerous key branding campaigns, several microsites, rally signs, plenty of swag, and hundreds of share graphics. When this all started, the pipeline seemed inevitable. By November 6, 2015, the project had gone from the rural sandhills all the way to the White House, and President Obama decided to protect our land, water, and climate by rejecting the Keystone XL national permit.

Justin Kemerling, JKDC


Public Service Design: How You Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Why are there dozens of beautiful apps to order food delivery in minutes, but signing up for food stamps online often takes hours of navigating confusing and complicated forms? 19% of our GDP is spent on social service programs, but too often these services don’t work for people who need help the most. Molly will share stories from her experience working inside and outside of government to make design more accessible. You’ll learn about the challenges and opportunities of designing for the public sector, and what you can do to help your community — even if you don’t consider yourself a designer.

Molly McLeod, Code for America


End of day announcements

Saturday, October 8


Registration & Nossa Familia coffee station open


Morning announcements


When Wedding Media and Feminist Politics Meet

How does one go about changing the conversation in a massive industry that profits from outdated ideals for gender roles, racialized beauty standards, and competition to style the "perfect" wedding day? This talk centers on the role of a mission-driven small business in disrupting what is often considered a frivolous industry - weddings. We zoom out from the usual discussion of wedding details and budgets to host real conversations about gender, race, sexuality, and progressive social change. Join Liz to learn more about how Catalyst took on a $55 billion industry by marrying wedding media and feminist politics.

Liz Susong, Catalyst Wed Co


Designing in Times of Social Conflict & Transition

In this talk, Ferguson activist and social impact designer De Andrea Nichols will detail cases and frameworks that have helped designers and creatives discover their roles in supporting the contemporary social movements affecting our world. Contexts will include a look at designed works by Nichols and peer designers in response to unrests in Ferguson, Baltimore, Ayotzinapa , and Syria. We'll also delve into the integration of human-centered, transitional, and transformative design practices.

De Nichols, Civic Creatives


20-min break


Fatigue: on Burnout

Burnout can turn fulfilling missions into exercises in exhaustion. Constant recollection of the systematic barriers to food, health care, economic opportunity, and safety can exacerbate depression and anxiety. What’s more, coming to grips with those feelings can cause those doing important work to feel overwhelmed and step away from the mission entirely. How do you deal with burnout? In this talk, we talk personal battles with fatigue and remind ourselves to be kind.

Nadia Gathers, CODE2040


Closing announcements


Lunch break


Group volunteering (off-site)

Jump into action by helping out Hack Oregon, The Welcome Home Coalition/#Yes4Homes ballot measure, or p:ear in the afternoon. You and your fellow attendees can paint Hack Oregon's new offices (2-5pm), do phone outreach about the #Yes4Homes campaign (2-5pm), or spruce up p:ear's facilities with some cleaning (3-5:30pm).


Resolution Fest Closing Party (off-site)

We're joining together with our parent festival for the Saturday night afterparty. Note: you’ll have to RSVP separately, as it’s free and open to the general public.